Video Mark Up:

Add visual commentary to video. Your users can then search, locate, and play the results as "clips".

This example stars Sophie, aged 3 3/4 and if you play the video our mark up will appear.

The example is in "update mode" so pausing will show all the start and end positions. You can also add new markers and your own comments to this video, or paste a valid YouTube link in the text box above to try your own.

This demonstration is currently being upgraded to work with multiple pointers. The new system aligns the pointers differently, and lets you switch between pointer styles.


Positioned Items:

When you drag items (assets) onto the video each will have a start and end time.

You can then position them as required, and then on playback they will start and finish in synchronization with your video.

  1. Go to your start time
  2. Drag your marker onto the video
  3. Go to your end time
  4. Drag the positioned marker to the position you want at the end time

The marker will then follow the trajectory in time with the video, with your comments or supporting media


  1. Drag a marker onto the video at your desired start time (use the video controls to go to the correct time).
  2. The " From" and "To " buttons that also appear will then allow you to set the end time, and then modify marker timings and positions later.
  3. Playing the video will let you preview your mark up.


  1. When you save your mark up you have the option to add comment descriptions.
  2. The mark up "tracks" according to the start and end times, and the distance it needs to travel
  3. You can overlap timewise
  4. The forward and back buttons below the video take you forward or back a 10th of a second to fine tune