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Mark up a journey, or use a graphic as an overview to "drill down" into other interactive graphics.

Similar to a guide, the only difference is one of perspective. With a guide you might go from place to place - an overview is, well an overview. It works in the same way. Sharing graphics like these can generate a multitude of stories.


When your drag tools onto your graphic some of the other things that are done to create your mobile friendly app. will be explained here.

Positioned Items:

When you drag items (assets) onto the image they will appear here. You can then reposition them as required on your image.

You can add things to things when you see the symbol. When you save your creation, an app. is generated to support your project which you can share.

Drag pointers to reposition.
Search, Locate or Play: Press play to view your application as a presentation. Or search it using keywords.


Press Play.




To try the animated mark up you need to have at least a couple of items positioned on an image